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I have just literally come out of the vocal booth and I never thought my singing was as good as it is. It was nerve racking at first, but once I started getting into it, I found my own comfort zone and I came out of the vocal booth buzzing!!!!!!


Since my last blog I’ve missed a couple of sessions but today we have all come back together to see the finished result.

I hope that when people listen to the song they will be able to learn from it and it will make their lives better.

When I listened to the song, it thought it was better than I could have expected. It sounds really good.



I’ve never written any music before and it was good to get involved. I didn’t think that this was something that I’d be able to do, but it was great being part of it.

This has also been a good chance to meet new people, make new friends and spend time with people from different areas.


IMG_9240In session 6, the second half of the group got in the studio and started laying down more vocals to make the track sound even more powerful. We are starting to get a really full sound on the song now by adding the young peoples voices to the verses and chorus. The group was very focused and all the young people gave it a go in the recording booth.


Here is Springboard staff member Tamsin  with Isi the vocal artist during a well earned break from studio time.Tamsin & Isi Here KRITIKAL listens to the playback during the recordimg sessions.Studio Here are the tech guys from RackMount records helping to produce the track.Producers


KRITIKAL supporting the young people in the recording booth.Liam & Scotty

Kev sings a ballard just for fun.  Kev

Springboard young people were really confident in the studio and were really taking to the project. IMG_9241

KRITIKAL and Kev.Kev & Liam

Everyone involved gave recording a go which is really impressive as stepping up to the mic takes a lot of confidence.IMG_9077

Dave Young checks in on the process to ensure everything is in order and of the highest quality.dave studio



Confidence is key.

Callum 2

1We are now on our final stage of the recording process and eveyone is looking forward to the final day in the studio.


since i last posted we have done a track and it was hard because we were timed for 2 weeks and and we had to get it recorded  so many time to get it right and to get it sound the best it can be and we are  ready to get it out there .

Tamsin Trevorrow-Earl

Another night in the studio…. it has been an amazing  time so far being involved with Inspired Youth. Seeing all our young people from the Springboard project going from strength to strength in expressing themselves in a way some of them  have never before.

I feel honoured to be involved. The atmosphere between all of us has been awesome and talent is flowing in all directions… its Mint

Although i must say Kev needs to make the topic of his “photos” a bit more varied!!!! ;))

Joe – Artist

Working with everyone on this project has truly been a wonderful experience. I’ve enjoyed working with everyone to build something that hopefully will be truly inspirational to other people in similar situations as the people I’ve been with through the springboard project. Teaching them how to write lyrics particularly was the best bit for me as everyone was really open and everyone had a go which was really nice that everyone felt that relaxed.


since my last blog we have got a full song recorded and had it sorted to sound better we are now layering the song with different voices on all the impact words I’ve done it and a few other people have done the same its going awesome so far with a lot of laughs on the way we’ve got this session today and one more tomorrow gonna be a laugh for the rest of the way and getting a sik ass tune out of it the songs comin on very well so far through this session so can’t wait for the end of tomorrow 😀

Kritikal Powers – Progression Update

The progression that everyone has made in the project now is next level. The young people have now written the 2 verses for the track along with some spoken word poetry with my guidance. After session 5, we have managed to record the 2 verses and chorus for the song. We all went into the studio and split into 2 groups, i went in the booth and recorded the verses, then the other group went in and got the chorus down. Towards the end of the session, a large number of young people and workers went into the live room to record the chorus all singing together. It was a great session and i think everyone is really happy with the way the song sounds so far. Now we need to get more vocals recorded to make it sound even more epic than it already is and start to mix down the track. I can’t wait to hear the final product and start production on the music video.

Session 5 – Recording Mashup

mic 3With the project in full swing all we really needed to do was keep the momentum we had build up and focus that energy into the recording of the track. The session started with a professional discussion about decisions that needed to be made about the structure of the song. On the previous session all the artists, the young people the springboard team and made a decision together about how the song should go. We decided as a group that the spoken word in the middle of the song would make way for an extended chorus and that we would look to put the spoken  word as bookends at the start and at the end. Some of the photos in this blog are taken by the young people. Good skills…
isi talks

Dave Young and Fodder were so happy about the project they started hugging!

Hugs all round

Soon it was time for KRITIKAL to step up to the Mic and start putting down the bars on the recording.

Springboard session 2

There continued to be a positive focus within the core of the group on the task in hand. It took patience and focus as the group learnt that the creative process can mean doing lots of takes and trying new things and exploring ideas live. The production team came together and brought their talents and ideas to the mix!

studio discuss

When we werent recording we did cool stuff with our hands to make them look blurry 🙂wave

There was constant progression all around. Everyone was developing their skills and getting involved including the artists project workers and professionals in the room.techy
studio biz

Here’s some of the lads on the project giving it large! Everyone was excited about what we were creating together.
say wensleydale

Here is one of the group joining the recording crew in the studio as the vocals were being put down for the chorus.recording crew


Every time we recorded something we listened back, even applauded the artists and every time felt even more hyped!!powers thinks

KRITIKAL putting bars down in the booth.

powers booth

Here are some of the actual words of the chorus written out. The group used them to sing in the live room.


We brought back musicians from the first part of the project, who helped to vocal coach the group and build confidence.izzy laughs


Here is some of the team singing together in the live room. Everyone was really getting into it, it was great to see so much passion. The Springboard staff also got involved which was awesome to see.
group sing

The group have fun watching the big screens and interacting via the various rooms.discussions studio

Dave Young leading a debate about the structure of the song. As a professional and a musician he was very impressed with the level of quality we were aspiring to.Dave Young leads the studio troops

Brothers in arms…brothers in arms

Ali and Izzy were cracking up with laughter inbewteen takes. This photo captures the atmosphere of the project so far.ali laughing

It has been fantastic so far and the progression is next level. The whole team are excited about the final track and the video shoot that will follow to visualise the track.Singing Session

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Debbie – Springboard

I am a member of staff working with the Springboard project

I am amazed and inspired by the calibre of talent we have working on this music project. I’m proud to be part of a team of artists and producers who are creating something utterly unique and emotionally moving. When I refer to artists and producers…I am referring to the young people involved. I’m blown away by their talent in writing, rapping, singing, collaborating, and inspiring each other. Their technical ability is amazing and I’m wondering if this is the beginning of a possible career for many of them.

The motivation, bravery and dedication that everyone is showing is remarkable and some of the skills that are being uncovered are amazing to watch. These are really talented people being thrust together in a space to create an outcome that is extraordinary. Talking about being in care is NOT EASY, let alone creating a piece of professional music to try get a message out to other young people in care.

The hairs stand on the back of my neck every time I listen to the track.

I’m humbled to be a part of it and I’m proud of everybody who is contributing to it. I take my hat off to you guys!

Dean & Danny


I have been working on a music project about young people in care. so far since the first session we have wrote down how and why we have been in care an how it affected us. Having missed a couple of sessions come back an the song was almost finished an i noticed some of our lyrics was put into the verse an chorus. when i first listened to the track i could relate to most of the song on how we was brought up an went through the care system. i hope this song reaches out to all that is in care an can relate to it an that there is help out there.


I came to this project because I thought it would be a good opportunity, and a good chance to say what I felt about the care system. The first part of the project we created some characters to help us think about what experiences we had been through in  care, then we started to write some lyrics about it. We wrote one of the main verses in the final track. The main thing I want the track to achieve is to give young people going through care now some hope and inspire people. Hopefully it can help other young people realise they can do something positive and use their experiences for good, rather than going down the wrong path. When they listen to the track or read the words I hope that it makes their day and give them something positive to smile about, and I hope that they share it with their mates and that it goes viral so more people hear it.

Session 4 – Finishing bars and studio recording

The momentum of the project was in full swing on session 4. KRITIKAL worked closely with one group on finishing the bars and writing some new lines for a spoken word piece in the track.  The other group worked with IZZI to put down some new chorus vocals.

finish bars

Once the song was completely written we all came back together to work in the studio. Some of the lads were keen to learn about the technology and were soon running the desk.
studio biz

There was a good atmosphere in the room and everyone was enjoying it but also being focused and contributing to the creative process.
screens studio

We were soon recording ahead of schedule with KRITIKAL in the booth!! Then it was time for the young people to record their voices. Everyone rose to the challenge!!
recording Here is KRITIKAL in the recording booth with one of our inspired participants.powers points It was a great day and everyone laughed. The song is  emotional but the spirits were high.powers laughs Here KRITIKAL gets down to business spitting bars written by the group.powers booth Dave Young captures all the recordings using industry standard technology.

dave young

We are proper excited to see the project unfold further, its a proffessional piece of work, engineered by the minds, talents and experiences of young people who have been through care.

Kev – Reflections so far

read to groupI’m so moved by this project. I look around at the characters, young people, maybe tarnished by reputation, marred by stereotypes, just trying to get by, feeling judged by everyone around them but having to go on regardless, trying to keep that head held high. Well, i tell you something now, you should have your head’s held high, you are legends in your own right, powerful and full of potential. I see where you are coming from, I feel that pain and desperation you experienced along the way, but look at what you are doing with that experience; sharing it with others just to make them stronger and more equipped to survive everything you already went through. This is one of the projects of my lifetime and I am so proud to be a part of it. Aspire to more.


young people discussI have really enjoyed myself so far. In our project so far we have done work on how it makes us feel to be in care and we have created a character  for a song based on our real experiences. This project has been really fun to get involved with, i didn’t expect to be able to write poetry and write lines for a song as i wasn’t very good at things like this back at school. I was involved in writing the bars for the verses of the song which were all about everyones different experiences of care.

I think the studio is really good, when i saw it i  thought it was amazing I’ve only really seen a studio like that on tv and to actually be in one felt so weird. The studio has got a sound proof room which has really thick walls and when someone stood outside of the room and shut the door they shouted and all we could see from the inside of the room is there mouth moving and were trying to lip read. There is a small room with a microphone hanging down from it so people can do solo singing in there. The other room has got decks in it which are connected up to a computer and there is lots of different speakers to pick up different types of sounds from each one. Each room has got cameras which are monitered in the room which has the decks.

what you think of song. The song so far has got the first verse and half of the second  one done and the chorus done which i helped to do some of the verses. I really liked the song we have done. When doing the verses we took inspiration from some of the things that we had written about being in care.

I think our song is going to help other young people going through the same thing and hopefully it’ll give them some confidence knowing that they are not alone.

I have enjoyed coming to this project because it’s get me away from home for a bit and gives me experience to do something different that I’m not used to doing. It helps me build my confidence with other people. I’ve really enjoyed myself so far.


KRITIKAL_leads_session3The first session we did was when we all got into groups and talked about what our characters should be like through our own experiences from being in care. I found it really interesting to find out from other people what it was like for them when they were in care.

The second session we listened to some artists performed to us and then we followed on with making positives and negatives for the characters we created. We then started working on the chorus within our groups and we came up with some great lines to be used as a chorus.

The third session Liam performed again and taught us about ‘stacking ammo’. then our group finished writing the chorus whilst the other group were still working on the rap.

I hope to achieve more confidence in singing my own songs in front of other people. I also find this project to be not only music based but will help others to understand better that everyone’s experiences are different.

Liam Kritikal Powers

kritikal bars writingOver the last 4 sessions, everyone on the project has been fully engaged and given their input into the project. Everyone has worked really hard to create content to use for the track and its been a pleasure to work with everyone. The level of commitment has been great and I can’t wait to see the final product!

Josh T

group_watch_examples_kritikalI have been working on the springboard music project this week with kev and kritikal learning about writing bars and creating music in the studio.
Also been talking and sharing experience of care with others in the group and also building a character from experiences we have shared in the group.
We have been writing words from experiences and taking select words and using them in the track also meeting new people who have been through the same sort of experiences.
I have really enjoyed working with everyone on the project and also learning/trying new things.
I have also enjoyed working in the studio and hearing what has been achieved so far and can’t wait for the final product to be complete.

Grim Reaper

writing 3rebellion is a really good song and it told me a bit more about other people’s lives and it inspired me. Listening to other people’s stuff is helpful before I started to write my own stuff. Writing songs and choruses is new to me and I found it hard to begin with, but I feel more confident now than when we started. Getting to know different people and different styles of music and writing has really opened my eyes to what I can do. I’m looking forward to getting the chorus finished with everyone else and seeing the finished piece. Making the music video is something that I’m looking forward to too. I hope whoever sees this article realises what we’ve been able to do whilst being on this course. I believe that I can do this well.

the joker

desk lightsOne of the highlights of this project is getting heard by people, getting them to understand what it’s like to be looked after by local authority. It’s been good to meet and talk to everyone. I’ll be really happy if we could produce a good sounding track with a message the same as Eminem’s ‘When I’m Gone’. I would like this track to be sold so we can make money for good causes and to do this project again.

Kritikal Junior

studio timeIt’s been a bit strange talking about being in care with people who I barely know. It ended up being alright though cause everyone’s been through it. Learning how to start writing songs was something that I enjoyed which surprised me because I’m not confident with writing, but I know more about it now. Spending time with professional artists was a massive plus and  I really enjoyed hanging out. Best bit so far was having the chance to use the mixing desk in the studio. The equipment is brilliant and it’s something that I’ve never done before. Respect to Liam! Big up Kev and that.

Isi Dee

SheetI’ve recently been given the opportunity to work with some amazing individuals on the springboard project, and one of the first things we focused on was creating a character for the track we are recording.

I am so impressed so far with the progress we have made, every single person involved in this project has gone the extra mile and I am glad that they have felt comfortable enough to share their touching stories with me. Yesterday I got into the vocal booth and jammed out a view chorus idea’s and got some great feedback, everybody was very enthusiastic and we even got a couple of girls wanting to get into the booth and have a go at singing, as well as a lad who wanted to have a go at drumming!  Its wonderful to see this amount of participation at this stage and I cannot wait to continue this project!

On a side note- definitely need more tea



watch examplesTo start with we all just introduced and started writing about our experiences which later lead to the making of the character for our song. we’ve been introduced to the professional music studio which was sick and we’ve wrote a few bars and a chorus for the song i don’t really know what got done on the third session because i was not their but apparently they got a lot done and I’m looking forward to hearing it. I’ve had an awesome experience so far and theres better ones to come and I’m hoping to get a professionally developed track by the end of this project and anyone who hears it says thats sick as.


liam studio talkWorking with Springboard as a mentor on this project has been an amazing experience. Working together with both the young people and the team, we have all been writing a song together about the experience of going through the care system. Some of the experiences have been written down and used for the lyrics of the song, working with songwriters to get the message across, of moving on from care and making the way in the world. We have created characters from the experiences, which were used to create the lyrics for the song. The artists working with us, showed live performances of their own work, to give us all inspiration, and we were shown examples from other well known artists. We were taught a technique called stacking ammo, which showed us how to write down words associated with what we were writing about, then rhyming them with other words/phrases to be used in the song, if we had writers block. It has all been really inspiring, and the hope is that at the end of all this hard work, the message will be able to come across, of how it truly feels to have gone through the care system, but the hope there is after it all.

Session 3 – Writing Verses with “KRITIKAL”

liam performing sess3

Session 3 was electric and started with a passionate live performance by KRITIKAL. The performance created a massive energy in the room and left the group energised and focused on the task ahead – writing the verses for our song about experiences of care.KRITIKAL_leads_session3

Next KRITIKAL taught the group about ‘stacking amo’ which means to brainstorm words to use for more powerful and creative writing. The group discussed words that reflected their experiences and stacked amo for the song writing.young people discuss

KRITIKAL then took the group through his ideology for writing and showed examples of different beats and flows. watch examples

He showed a DEVLIN track called REWIND and LEWI WHITE track featuring DEVLIN and ED SHEERAN called YOUNG GUNSgroup_watch_examples_kritikal

The group then worked on some words and some started to write lines. A few of the group brought in songs that they had written by themselves and brought those ideas to the discussions. Then everyone shared their ideas with the group. It was very moving and profound.john shares

It was great to see the young people taking the opportunity to share their stories and experiences and genuinely feeling that their voice was being listened to.girl watches on

It was really impressive to watch the young people grow and find the confidence to share their ideas with the group. The team was going from strength to strength. It felt like we were on a journey, and we were definately heading towards a proffessional to group

The group then devided into 2 groups. Using the content the group had created over the last 2 days of the project, 1 team worked with Access to Music artist IZZY to work on the Chorus and 1 team worked with KRITIKAL to write the bars. By the end of the session even the Springboard staff were ‘spitting bars’!! Liam did a live writing session and the bars were soon written. IZZY was busy in the studio putting down inspiring vocals!!!kritikal bars writing

The culmination of the determined and dedicated work of the group was immense. We now have the entire song almost completely written, a powerful Chorus and a lot of momentum going into the final day of the 1st week of the project. Here are some more highlights from session 3…

The lads running the mixing desk in a proffessional studio with our partners YSJ Universitylads loving studio

The lads putting Dave Young of Digital Sun Media through his paces on the desk and below engaging the young people in the time

dave young

This is a shot of our track in production on Pro Tools, the industry standard for music production.track on mac

Here the lights of the desk light up as we hear the track played through high quality speakers.desk lights

KRITIKAL listens to the track with the group in the studio.liam studio talk

Inspired Youth and all partners are very impressed with the young people involved and are very proud to be a part of something this special. We are looking forward to the next session where the young people will finish writing and begin the recording process to take their words from a page to a fully professional complete track. Aspire to more!!

Session 2 – Writing the Chorus

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 20.06.03
Todays session introduced artists from the Access to Music program, who talked about their passion for music and writing songs, before performing live to the group.  They were also treated to a stunning live performance by Kritikal Powers who will be overseeing the progression of the creative process.



The artists helped the young people explore key moments in the characters life, which inspired them to start writing a chorus for their song, about the experience of care.
writing 2

The young people were commited and brought some powerful and moving concepts forward. Some of their work will directly influence the shape of the chorus and some of it will inspire the verses which they will write over the coming days with ‘Kritikal’ – recording artist and performer.
writing 3


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Session 1 – Research & Development

beingincareIn order to develop key messages for our youth led music and video production, the team all shared their experiences of care by creating a character with a backstory which will form the inspiration for the track they write. Along side Inspired Youth, Kritikal and Access to Music, we worked as a team in a professional environment at York St John University.  They explored feelings they had experienced on their journey through care/leaving care and situations they had faced. Even though being in care had presented the young people with difficult experiences, they felt overall they shouldn’t let these things determine their future or hold back their progress in life. The session created a very realistic and moving overview of their experiences which will inform the next stage of the creative process, writing the Chorus and Verses with inspirational recording artists. The session created an insight.

See more about Research and Development here

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