liam studio talkWorking with Springboard as a mentor on this project has been an amazing experience. Working together with both the young people and the team, we have all been writing a song together about the experience of going through the care system. Some of the experiences have been written down and used for the lyrics of the song, working with songwriters to get the message across, of moving on from care and making the way in the world. We have created characters from the experiences, which were used to create the lyrics for the song. The artists working with us, showed live performances of their own work, to give us all inspiration, and we were shown examples from other well known artists. We were taught a technique called stacking ammo, which showed us how to write down words associated with what we were writing about, then rhyming them with other words/phrases to be used in the song, if we had writers block. It has all been really inspiring, and the hope is that at the end of all this hard work, the message will be able to come across, of how it truly feels to have gone through the care system, but the hope there is after it all.


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