young people discussI have really enjoyed myself so far. In our project so far we have done work on how it makes us feel to be in care and we have created a character  for a song based on our real experiences. This project has been really fun to get involved with, i didn’t expect to be able to write poetry and write lines for a song as i wasn’t very good at things like this back at school. I was involved in writing the bars for the verses of the song which were all about everyones different experiences of care.

I think the studio is really good, when i saw it i  thought it was amazing I’ve only really seen a studio like that on tv and to actually be in one felt so weird. The studio has got a sound proof room which has really thick walls and when someone stood outside of the room and shut the door they shouted and all we could see from the inside of the room is there mouth moving and were trying to lip read. There is a small room with a microphone hanging down from it so people can do solo singing in there. The other room has got decks in it which are connected up to a computer and there is lots of different speakers to pick up different types of sounds from each one. Each room has got cameras which are monitered in the room which has the decks.

what you think of song. The song so far has got the first verse and half of the second  one done and the chorus done which i helped to do some of the verses. I really liked the song we have done. When doing the verses we took inspiration from some of the things that we had written about being in care.

I think our song is going to help other young people going through the same thing and hopefully it’ll give them some confidence knowing that they are not alone.

I have enjoyed coming to this project because it’s get me away from home for a bit and gives me experience to do something different that I’m not used to doing. It helps me build my confidence with other people. I’ve really enjoyed myself so far.


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