Session 3 – Writing Verses with “KRITIKAL”

liam performing sess3

Session 3 was electric and started with a passionate live performance by KRITIKAL. The performance created a massive energy in the room and left the group energised and focused on the task ahead – writing the verses for our song about experiences of care.KRITIKAL_leads_session3

Next KRITIKAL taught the group about ‘stacking amo’ which means to brainstorm words to use for more powerful and creative writing. The group discussed words that reflected their experiences and stacked amo for the song writing.young people discuss

KRITIKAL then took the group through his ideology for writing and showed examples of different beats and flows. watch examples

He showed a DEVLIN track called REWIND and LEWI WHITE track featuring DEVLIN and ED SHEERAN called YOUNG GUNSgroup_watch_examples_kritikal

The group then worked on some words and some started to write lines. A few of the group brought in songs that they had written by themselves and brought those ideas to the discussions. Then everyone shared their ideas with the group. It was very moving and profound.john shares

It was great to see the young people taking the opportunity to share their stories and experiences and genuinely feeling that their voice was being listened to.girl watches on

It was really impressive to watch the young people grow and find the confidence to share their ideas with the group. The team was going from strength to strength. It felt like we were on a journey, and we were definately heading towards a proffessional to group

The group then devided into 2 groups. Using the content the group had created over the last 2 days of the project, 1 team worked with Access to Music artist IZZY to work on the Chorus and 1 team worked with KRITIKAL to write the bars. By the end of the session even the Springboard staff were ‘spitting bars’!! Liam did a live writing session and the bars were soon written. IZZY was busy in the studio putting down inspiring vocals!!!kritikal bars writing

The culmination of the determined and dedicated work of the group was immense. We now have the entire song almost completely written, a powerful Chorus and a lot of momentum going into the final day of the 1st week of the project. Here are some more highlights from session 3…

The lads running the mixing desk in a proffessional studio with our partners YSJ Universitylads loving studio

The lads putting Dave Young of Digital Sun Media through his paces on the desk and below engaging the young people in the time

dave young

This is a shot of our track in production on Pro Tools, the industry standard for music production.track on mac

Here the lights of the desk light up as we hear the track played through high quality speakers.desk lights

KRITIKAL listens to the track with the group in the studio.liam studio talk

Inspired Youth and all partners are very impressed with the young people involved and are very proud to be a part of something this special. We are looking forward to the next session where the young people will finish writing and begin the recording process to take their words from a page to a fully professional complete track. Aspire to more!!


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