Session 4 – Finishing bars and studio recording

The momentum of the project was in full swing on session 4. KRITIKAL worked closely with one group on finishing the bars and writing some new lines for a spoken word piece in the track.  The other group worked with IZZI to put down some new chorus vocals.

finish bars

Once the song was completely written we all came back together to work in the studio. Some of the lads were keen to learn about the technology and were soon running the desk.
studio biz

There was a good atmosphere in the room and everyone was enjoying it but also being focused and contributing to the creative process.
screens studio

We were soon recording ahead of schedule with KRITIKAL in the booth!! Then it was time for the young people to record their voices. Everyone rose to the challenge!!
recording Here is KRITIKAL in the recording booth with one of our inspired participants.powers points It was a great day and everyone laughed. The song is  emotional but the spirits were high.powers laughs Here KRITIKAL gets down to business spitting bars written by the group.powers booth Dave Young captures all the recordings using industry standard technology.

dave young

We are proper excited to see the project unfold further, its a proffessional piece of work, engineered by the minds, talents and experiences of young people who have been through care.


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