Dean & Danny


I have been working on a music project about young people in care. so far since the first session we have wrote down how and why we have been in care an how it affected us. Having missed a couple of sessions come back an the song was almost finished an i noticed some of our lyrics was put into the verse an chorus. when i first listened to the track i could relate to most of the song on how we was brought up an went through the care system. i hope this song reaches out to all that is in care an can relate to it an that there is help out there.


I came to this project because I thought it would be a good opportunity, and a good chance to say what I felt about the care system. The first part of the project we created some characters to help us think about what experiences we had been through in  care, then we started to write some lyrics about it. We wrote one of the main verses in the final track. The main thing I want the track to achieve is to give young people going through care now some hope and inspire people. Hopefully it can help other young people realise they can do something positive and use their experiences for good, rather than going down the wrong path. When they listen to the track or read the words I hope that it makes their day and give them something positive to smile about, and I hope that they share it with their mates and that it goes viral so more people hear it.


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