Kritikal Powers – Progression Update

The progression that everyone has made in the project now is next level. The young people have now written the 2 verses for the track along with some spoken word poetry with my guidance. After session 5, we have managed to record the 2 verses and chorus for the song. We all went into the studio and split into 2 groups, i went in the booth and recorded the verses, then the other group went in and got the chorus down. Towards the end of the session, a large number of young people and workers went into the live room to record the chorus all singing together. It was a great session and i think everyone is really happy with the way the song sounds so far. Now we need to get more vocals recorded to make it sound even more epic than it already is and start to mix down the track. I can’t wait to hear the final product and start production on the music video.


One thought on “Kritikal Powers – Progression Update

  1. Dave Young says:

    The hard work, passion, team work and great vibe from this project is amazing. In 24 years of working with Young people, this project will stay in my memory for years to come…Quite frankly it has left me humbled! The whole team is working like a well oiled cog, Inspired Youth are not called that for no reason, Springboard workers, your energy, passion and care is a credit to you all. Rack Mount records guys, again you are showing your excellent production credentials…. Izzy, Joe Fod, Digital Sun Media are proud to have you working with us….. And finally to all the young folk involved, without you guys we would not have such a powerful, honest, heartfelt and most of all bloody well written track…. I salute you…….Now lets all get back to the job in hand, Wensley Dale anyone?

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