IMG_9240In session 6, the second half of the group got in the studio and started laying down more vocals to make the track sound even more powerful. We are starting to get a really full sound on the song now by adding the young peoples voices to the verses and chorus. The group was very focused and all the young people gave it a go in the recording booth.


Here is Springboard staff member Tamsin  with Isi the vocal artist during a well earned break from studio time.Tamsin & Isi Here KRITIKAL listens to the playback during the recordimg sessions.Studio Here are the tech guys from RackMount records helping to produce the track.Producers


KRITIKAL supporting the young people in the recording booth.Liam & Scotty

Kev sings a ballard just for fun.  Kev

Springboard young people were really confident in the studio and were really taking to the project. IMG_9241

KRITIKAL and Kev.Kev & Liam

Everyone involved gave recording a go which is really impressive as stepping up to the mic takes a lot of confidence.IMG_9077

Dave Young checks in on the process to ensure everything is in order and of the highest quality.dave studio



Confidence is key.

Callum 2

1We are now on our final stage of the recording process and eveyone is looking forward to the final day in the studio.


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