On Day one all the crew had the pleasure of working with Keeva who was playing the part of a young person who returns home to discover the police and a social worker waiting for her at home.

Keeva 01

Keeva is fantastic at acting emotions and she really got into the characters mind set. Here we can see a screenshot of Keeva walking (above) and then a later scene in which she is driven away in a car (below).

Keeva Car copy


Next up it was Izzy, who was first up for trying some lip-sync! She had to rap along to the words as it was being played. She did a great job and showed everyone she had a passion for performing! See Izzy in action mid-bar (below).


Next up was Ruth. She also did some lip-syncing but this time to the powerful chorus. She gave a genuine and moving performance on camera, here is Ruth mid-song (below).

Ruth Lipsync

Next up was Scotty. Scotty played the character of a young lad who woke in the morning to find no-one at home, empty cupboards and no food in the fridge. This was a new experience for Scotty and he did a amazing job.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 13.58.55

Scotty even filmed some of his own scene using his own point of view and the footage made it into the final cut!!

Scotty POV



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